Breeding Cattle Stock

The majority of breeds have favourite families, which are cows that have over a number of years bred consistently, calves that grow out and catch the eye. The original female families present at Upsall in 1946, were August (Cruggleton), Clipper (Cromleybank), Jilt (Cudham) and Marigold (Cudham) and these are still prominent in the herd today.

In more recent years we have added Tessas (Balmyle), Secret (Uppermill), Ury Maid (Dungarthill), Nonpareil (Pittodrie), Gems (Thirlby) and Victoria (Bapton).

SECRET X1015 of Upsall (P)

Herdbook Number: 613800725

TESSA X895 of Upsall (P)

Herdbook Number: 603800254

JILT X862 of Upsall (P)

Herdbook Number: 593800558