Maternal, Fleshy, Easy Keeping, Milky Cows.

R. G Elliott & Son - Kislingbury Beef Shorthorns

Our herd consists of 400 pedigree and commercial cows. Calving at 2 years old. We need characteristics such as maternal, fleshy, easy keeping milky cows.

Our herd of pedigree’s evolved in 2009 with all foundation females from The Gaddesden Herd. In the early days we used a couple of bulls that didn’t really take us in the direction that we wanted.

The first bull that left his mark was Emblem of Upsall purchased in 2013. His daughters winning best group of heifers in central region. Also sold three breeding Bulls out of him.

Then in 2015 we travelled up to Stirling, where a white bull caught our eye instantly, Glacier of Upsall. He has left some fantastic stock, which really took our herd forward. Which helped us to win champion herd central region 2017 and 2018. So far selling six quality young bulls by him.

Then we went back to Upsall Castle in 2018, this time it was Lachan that met us. He has put some real thickness into his calves. Lovely beef animals with great calving ease.

Our next stop for a Herd sire in 2021 is without hesitation, Upsall castle. Gerald Turton has exactly what we are looking for. Functional, Fleshy, milky, maternal, easy calving traits, with exceptional temperament’s.