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Beef Shorthorns are the fastest growing native breed in the United Kingdom. Their fertility, longevity and temperament lend themselves to an attractive breed producing high quality, marbled beef.

Closely monitored by the Beef Shorthorn Cattle Society, Beef Shorthorn farmers can feel confident in the quality of the animal they are getting from pedigree registered breeders.

About us

Shorthorns have been the breed of choice for four generations of Turtons at Upsall Castle Farms, Thirsk, North Yorkshire. Sir Edmund Turton, is recorded back in 1909 to be the first establishing the breed on the farm. The current owner Hon. Gerald Turton manages the farm along with the support of his family and Scottish Stocks Man, George McCulloch and his wife Maureen. Who look after the day to day management and care of the stock.

The farm estate covers over 2000 acres of land, with the stock covering a large majority of that having natural grazing land and shed stock.

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We pride ourselves on providing the best Shorthorn Bulls throughout the UK. Our bulls are suitable for all types of production.

Buyer testimonials

Centre of our herd replacement strategy for 40 years

"Shorthorn bulls have been at the centre of our herd replacement strategy for forty years. A consistent source of maternal traits and good temperament underpinning our breeding herd."

Nigel Miller - Stagehall Farm, Stow
Buyer testimonials

Maternal, Fleshy, Easy Keeping, Milky Cows.

"Our next stop for a 2021 Herd sire, without hesitation will be Upsall Castle"

R. G Elliott & Son - Kislingbury Beef Shorthorns
Buyer testimonials

Warwick of Upsall offered increased height and length

"The reason I purchased Warwick of Upsall was to increase the height and length of my herd and this he has done."

Mr Young - Wigtonshire
Buyer testimonials

Second Upsall Bull Westmoor Cows have used.

"Warpath of Upsall was the second bull that we have used from the Upsall herd on our Westmoor cows."

Rob Paisley - Skipton, Yorkshire

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