Countdown to Shorthorn Reduction Sale

Upsall Shorthorns are in full preparation for the CCM Auctions Shorthorn sale on 7th August 2021 at Skipton. There is a total headcount of 55 Upsall Shorthorns heading to the sale including 19 maiden heifers free from the bull from last year’s crop of calves, a trio of two year olds run with the bull, 16 cows with calves at foot and a single 15-month-old bull.

These selected lots are only for sale as they are succeeded by daughters or relatives coming into or already in the herd, quality will exude from the start of the sale with two cows, sold with smart Spring born roan heifer calves at foot the first is the VG86 Augusta X904 with her Mandalong calf and the second lot, Jilt X1128 sold with her King David daughter.

Take a look at the CCM Auctions catalogue, for full details all the breeding and scoring. It is available to download by clicking here.

This is a opportunity for any Beef Shorthorn breeders not to be missed. We wish all potential buyers the best of luck with your bidding and look forward to catching up at the sale.

Augusta X904 of Upsall – Lot 1 & 2
Sapphire 1120 of Upsall – Lot 17 and 18
Patriot of Upsall Bull – Lot 53
Lot 32
Lot 33
Non Pareil of Upsall – Lot 11 & 12